The Story of Ardmore

Ardmore Ceramic Art is a story about the Zulu people whose sense of rhythm, color, dance and song, as well as the spirit of the African imagination, is exerting its influence on the other continents of the world... More»



Ardmore's History

Ardmore began in 1985 when Fee Halsted lived on the farm Ardmore, in the Champagne Valley under the shadow of the Drakensberg Mountains...More»



Major Awards and Exhibitions

Click here for a list of past awards and exhibitions. Read our events and exhibitions page for a listing of recent and future events.


Ardmore Decorative Collectable and Fine Art

Ardmore has become known around the world for their beautiful Decorative Collectable ceramic works. Some artists have developed their own unique style or have tackled a subject matter beyond decorative nature, these works are seen as part of the Fine Art collection.


The Bonnie Ntshalintshali Ceramic Museum

You can visit the Bonnie Ntshalintsali Ceramic Museum at Ardmore Caversham where you will find work from Bonnie, including the Adam and Eve sculptures exhibited at the Venice Biennale. ...More>