Ardmore Caversham

Situated only a few kilometres from the N3, just off the old main road between Durban and Johannesburg , Fèe Halsted-Berning has come a full circle in finding an ideal home for Ardmore at Caversham – a farm situated above the confluence of the Lion's River and a smaller Mpofane tributary.The farmhouse looks across to the old Caversham Mill where she began her ceramic career more than 29 years ago under the guidance of David Walters, one of South Africa's superb craftsmen, now living in Franschoek, Western Cape.

While, at Caversham Fèe met Phineus Mweli who helped mix clay, pack kilns and glaze pots. Soon after Fèe left Caversham to lecture in ceramics at Natal Technikon, a devastating Demanya flood in 1987 shattered David's life and he returned to the United Kingdom. Phineus worked for a while as a gardener before making his way to the Ardmore where he continued his work as a kiln and glaze assistant. In 1992 encouraged by Fèe, he taught himself to use a potter's wheel and became responsible for producing Ardmore's thrown items.

Ardmore Caversham houses artists studios, the Bonnie Ntshalintshali Ceramic Museum, the main office for Ardmore Ceramic Art and our main gallery where you can view the best works currently on offer at Ardmore. These pieces can also be found for sale on our online gallery.

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