Decorative Collectables

Ardmore has become known around the world for their Decorative Collectable Ceramics embelished with local animals, birds and plant through sculptural forms and colourful paint. The sometimes functional items bring colour, humour and the African spirit to a home.

These works were inspired by traditional English and Chinese ceramics, bringing a Zulu twist to a Ming vase or urn.

Selected works which are created with the artist’s skill, imagination, dedication and soul are designated as AAA pieces, the standard of highest excellence within the studio.

Fèe Halsted comments: “In 2004, I introduced an AAA certification system for pieces of excellent quality that qualify as collectors’ items. I select each piece and sign the certificate myself. Part of the evolution of standards, commitment to quality and excellence of the Ardmore art has become a criterion that all artists have now been working to.”

Fee Halsted is the sole adjudicator of a worthy piece and each certificate will carry her signature with a number recording the certificate of authenticity. A description, height and a detail as to who made and painted the piece is also indicated.