The Story of Ardmore

Work which truely displays the unique style and voice of an artist in the studio are given a Fine Art or FA Certificate. These works often do not fit into the traditional vision of what is viewed as an Ardmore Decorative Collectable piece but they show the same excellence in craftsmanship along with a unique artistic vision.

Some of these works express the artists’ desire to experiment with the materials, while others show new sculptural forms or a unique painting style which may depict worlds beyond the physical form of the piece.

An important genre of the Fine Art work is one in which the the oral archive of the Zulu artists is expressed. It is through clay and paint that they depict their traditions and history. A culture that is rapidly becoming westernized is being captured and recorded for future generations.

Artists have also chosen to express their feelings and thoughts on social issues that effect their lives and works depicting issues around HIV/AIDS have been produced over the last decade by the Ardmore artists.

To see Fine Art pieces currently being produced by the studio and to learn more about the artists vision behind the work, you can visit the website’s online gallery.